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Arranging your Funeral
  • Get a service that reflects your personality
  • Pass any special requests to us, we’ll make them happen
  • Stop your family being hit by rising funeral costs
  • Help your loved ones cope during a difficult time
  • Enjoy the fact your funeral is organised and paid for
Writing your Will
  • Guarantee a great guardian for your children
  • Pass on your possessions to those who deserve them
  • Stop family feuds by naming inheritors to your finances and estate
  • Help make things easier for your loved ones when you leave them

Pinnacle Plans are a future planning company consisting of caring, hard-working people who want to make a difference to lives of others. Founded in 2010, we started off as a small team with some big ideas, and since then we’ve continued to grow with every passing day. Today, Pinnacle have some of the most knowledgeable and skilled future planning professionals in the industry.

We wrote a will when we bought a house, and wanted to make sure this important asset is passed on to our children in the easiest way. We found Damsons gave very good service in helping us do this.

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I wrote the will as my husband passed without one, which made things very difficult for myself and children. I didn’t want my children to experience this again because of me. I found Damsons to be very amenable, explained things carefully and helped me as much as possible in order to make it an easy process.

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